Soothe your stressed skin with these ingredients!

When we mention “sensitive or stressed skin” we do not always refer to skin with a pathology that needs medical supervision such as acne or rosacea. Sensitivity is a much broader and fairly common condition that can manifest in any skin type.

Although there is no exact guide, we can easily identify it since it frequently becomes red and irritated, feels itchy, tight or uncomfortable after using a cosmetic. It is much more permeable, reactive and prone to adverse or allergic reactions to certain ingredients and its barrier function is weakened so dehydration is quite common.

There are external factors that can stress or alter the state of our skin, but there are small details that we can pay attention to when putting together our routine, such as reviewing the complete formulations to avoid the use or abuse of certain ingredients such as alcohol , perfumes or essential oils that are not always well tolerated.

Another point is to pay attention to your cleaning products. In addition to checking your pH, choose formulations that have gentle surfactants and indicate that they are suitable for more delicate faces. While you use micellar water, the ideal thing to do is accompany its use with a soft cotton pad to prevent your skin from becoming irritated when rubbing and forgetting to rinse!

What about double cleaning?

Do it only if your face tolerates it. Otherwise, better wait until you can strengthen your skin. Less is more. Moisturise daily with simple formulas that are enriched with ingredients capable of soothing your skin and consider those that are capable of strengthening your protective barrier. In this way, little by little you will be able to find the perfect combination and achieve a much healthier face.

So if you want to know which ingredients help calm, soothe and/or decongest your skin, take note of the following available options.

 kola: This popular ingredient has been used in traditional medicine for years. It is a medicinal plant with ideal properties for healing small wounds, burns, scratches and also, as a great anti-inflammatory that is very popular with sensitive or stressed skin.

Aloe vera: Aloe vera is one of the most popular decongestant ingredients in skin care. It is a great ally when it comes to hydrating and reducing inflammation of the skin. Along with the above, it is attributed to properties that help the healing of simple wounds.

Niacinamide: It is one of our favourite antioxidants since it has anti-inflammatory properties and helps with redness. As if that were not enough, it stimulates the synthesis of ceramides, which is perfect for strengthening the barrier and preventing water loss. Anything else we love? Yes of course! It helps regulate sebum and with hyperpigmentation, what better?

Ceramides: This popular and beloved ingredient is found naturally in our skin. Along with fatty acids and cholesterol, they act as a cement between our cells that allows us to repair and maintain the skin barrier much stronger and healthier, thus preventing moisture loss and other skin disorders.

Guaiazulene: In addition to a beautiful colour, this ingredient has anti-inflammatory, anti-allergic, antibacterial and soothing properties. It helps fight inflammation and redness, making it the perfect supplement for people with more sensitive skin and they are excellent as a spot treatment.

Remember that each skin is a different world. Therefore, sensitivities are personal and no one will know the most suitable products and ingredients better than you. The natural is not always the best for everyone and the synthetic is not synonymous with irritation. Each formula is subject to personal tolerance, so don’t forget to patch tests before any application.

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