Spring Skincare Routine

When winter ends and spring arrives, everything takes on a new life. During the winter the skin has been accumulating toxins and impurities and the lack of sun and fresh air is noticeable. The goal of spring routines is to accelerate cell regeneration and prepare the skin for summer. Winter treatments must be readjusted, always depending on the type of skin.

However, you should not wait for the change of season to start with the routines. During this transition period, here are some tips, you should start to transit between winter and spring skincare routines. Some of the spring skincare that cannot be missed.

1. Hydrate the dehydrated skin during the winter

The elimination of toxins should begin gradually shortly before the arrival of spring. It begins with the elimination of toxins and hydration of the skin. Use Neutriherbs Vitamin C lotion to moisturise your body during the spring. It is lightweight and considered a product to help you gain the required moisture in the spring.

2. Detoxify the skin

During the winter the skin has thickened as cell renewal is slower. It is convenient to help her but in a very careful way so as not to hinder the natural process. That is why at this stage your allies are water, steam and very gentle exfoliants.

We recommend using Neutriherbs Coffee Body Scrub, it is a great product filled with the goodness of coffee, which will gently help skin become more smooth and radiant. This scrub will also help in reducing the dark spots on your skin. It will gently take off blackheads, and whiteheads and remove dead skin cells, giving space for new cells to take over, which results in a great quality of the skin.

3. Equip the skin for sun exposure

Perhaps the thing you miss the most during winter is the warmth of the sun on your face! Precisely because this has not happened for several months, it is necessary to prepare the skin to avoid photoaging, spots and other problems. Start using moisturising creams that are more fluid than those applied during the winter, with antioxidant and regenerating properties.

As mentioned above, Vitamin C is a good ingredient to be used in spring. Use Neutriherbs Vitamin C sunscreen lotion. It is a product that will protect your skin from the aggression of the sun and at the same time give you the beneficial properties of vitamin C and help in maintaining the hydration levels of your skin.

4. Spring skincare tips for different skin types

Mixed: cleansing and moisturising with non-comedogenic products. Use a facial cleanser for the T zone.

Dry: Avoid soaps that dry, apply Neutriherbs Vitamin C serum and prepare the skin for the moisturiser. Prefer bases and makeup in the form of gel or balm. At night use some nourishing vegetable oil.

Sensitive: The increase in temperature increases the production of sebum. Use Neutriherbs Vitamin C lotion that gently exfoliates, favouring cell renewal, and moisturising cream to recreate the balance of the skin.

Normal: Use Neutriherbs Tonic lotion and Neutriherbs Vitamin C lotion.

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