Do you think you are one of the millions of women who suffer from skin sensitivity all over the world? In this post, we’ll walk you through some of the most commonly seen symptoms along with the dos and don’ts of easily reacting skin.

Recognize the most common symptoms associated with sensitive skin

Have you often wondered if your skin falls under the category of sensitive skin? Check to see if you have some of the most common symptoms you see. Some of them manifest themselves visibly (appearance of redness or plaques), while others are more associated with sensations (sensations of heat, itching, tightness or tingling). These symptoms are not necessarily attributable to the same causes from woman to woman. Indeed, it can be heredity, influences from the outside environment or a reaction to any ingredient, or a combination of these three elements. In addition to being prone to these adverse reactions,

Will my skin always be sensitive?

Not necessarily. Symptoms of sensitive skin can come and go throughout our lives, and appear temporarily, recurrently, or over a long period of time. Normally, the sensitivity of the skin decreases with age. However, even if you have never experienced symptoms associated with sensitive skin, be aware that any change in your lifestyle or your environment can have an impact on your skin. A move to a city with high pollution levels, sudden changes in diet, and even heat waves or extreme cold are all factors that can lead to reactions in skin that has never previously shown signs of sensitivity. .

Dos and Don’ts of Sensitive Skin

It is known that very dry skin is particularly prone to hypersensitivity. But did you know that applying too many products to your skin can be damaging to the skin layers? Adopting a simple beauty routine is an essential rule to follow if you want to take care of sensitive skin. “It’s best to simplify your beauty routine as much as possible. You also have to be careful not to eliminate one product or try another too suddenly. Exfoliators specially formulated for sensitive skin should be applied at the end of the day, as they have the effect of destroying the cells in the surface layer of the skin, making it even more vulnerable to sunlight and UV rays. Hydration is an essential step if you want to get the most out of what all of your skin care products have to offer . After cleaning, pampering the top layer of your skin with a moisturizing mist to soften it before applying your moisturizer. Generously spray hydrating mist on your face before applying a moisturizing night cream with a rich texture. An infallible solution to having skin as soft as a baby when you wake up!

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