Three routines for atopic, red, and oily skin

Sensitive skin (atopic, with redness or oily) needs specific products for its care and to be able to look healthy. We tell you three healthy, effective, and gentle routines to care for atopic skin, with redness and oily skin.

There are many people who, despite regularly taking care of their skin, have it constantly irritated, which prevents them from feeling comfortable and even healthy. This is one of the problems that contribute to the loss of self-esteem and causes frustration. Why, if you take care of your skin, can’t you keep it in as good condition as you would like?

This happens, on many occasions, because we do not know the type of skin we have or because we do not know exactly how to choose the right products for it. For this reason, today we want to explain some simple tricks so that you can treat your sensitive skin using specific products, whether you have oily skin, atopic skin, or redness. Because, although it seems that all sensitive skin is the same, it is not like that at all.

Whatever your type of sensitive skin, we offer you the keys so that you have three routines for atopic skin, with redness and oily skin. Thus, you can take care of it according to your real needs. Let’s start!

Atopic skin, with redness and fat? So you have to take care of them

Cleaning sensitive skin is quite complicated on certain occasions because if you don’t use the right products you can irritate it. Do you want to know three routines for atopic skin, with redness and oily skin? Each of them needs proper care. Read on to find the best way to proceed!

Routine for atopic skin

Sensitive skin with atopic dermatitis is skin that is itchy and irritated. Therefore, it is necessary to clean it properly and, above all, hydrate it to space out possible outbreaks.

It is important to use as few cosmetics as possible (non-aggressive, but specific for sensitive skin) and avoid both intense exfoliation and drying by rubbing the skin with a towel; it is better to dab gently with tissue paper.

Cleaning: In the case of the face, it is advisable to wash it twice a day (morning and night), and the rest of the body once a day. If you have atopic skin, you will need a hygiene product that fully respects the integrity of the natural protective barrier and that does not dry out your skin.

Hydration: If you have dry skin, as far as the body is concerned, it will be recommended that you apply the specific moisturizing body lotion for atopic skin while the skin is damp. This way you will be able to keep your skin smooth, soft, and moist. On the other hand, as for the face, you should also apply a moisturizing cream for the day and another for the night, which is formulated with hyaluronic acid.

Routine for oily and acne-prone skin

Skin that, in addition to being sensitive, is acne-prone tends to have a shiny complexion and large pores as a result of excess sebum. If this is your case, you may feel the need to wash your face frequently to remove excess dirt and oil. However, as we have told you about atopic skin, it is enough to wash twice a day at most; Well, washing too much can be counterproductive.

What should be the cleaning routine in this case?

Cleaning: A cleaner is a good choice. A cleansing foam specifically for sensitive acne-prone skin removes both excess sebum and shine from the skin, leaving a calming effect without irritating.

Exfoliation: A couple of times a week you can use a gentle exfoliator to remove dead skin cells for a brighter appearance. In addition, its long-term use promotes the production of collagen.

Hydration and protection: After cleansing, you should apply a light moisturizer that is specific for sensitive and oily skin. In this way, you will have your skin hydrated for 24 hours and you will keep shine at bay.

Routine for skin with redness

Skin that, in addition to being sensitive, is prone to redness needs to be cleaned in a certain way to effectively remove impurities without damaging the skin barrier.  

If your skin has these characteristics, you should take a series of precautions such as not exposing yourself to the sun directly, avoiding drinks that are too hot, protecting your skin in extreme conditions, and using appropriate cosmetics (soft and non-greasy).

Let’s see what your routine should be if you have sensitive and red skin!

Cleaning: The soap that you should use must be very mild. A cleansing foam that leaves the skin balanced, and soft and relieves itchiness caused by dryness. Use it morning and night by massaging the foam into damp skin, then rinse.

Hydration: To complete your face care, use a moisturizing and soothing cream with sun protection factor 30 will work. In addition to hydrating the skin, it soothes and softens it, leaving it silky.

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