Remove age spots: Citrus fruits can help!

Should you remove age spots? Most methods have limited chances of success, and the sense behind them is questionable. Here you can read how well home remedies work and how you can prevent age spots.

Age spots, a natural process of the skin

Over the years, skin mechanisms can no longer function properly due to exposure to the sun. Melanin can accumulate in the skin in places and no longer break down on its own. You can see a brownish spot on the skin in these areas. These are the age spots (medically lentigo senilis); they are also known as sun spots  (lentigo Solaris).

Everyone can get this chronic photodamage sooner or later: The first age spots can appear around 40 – sometimes even earlier. They are common in older people aged 60 and over. The pigment disorder is considered harmless to health and is part of the skin’s natural aging process.

Recognizing age spots: That’s what makes them special

Age spots can vary in shape, size, or color: Their appearance depends on the disposition and natural skin color. They can look like tiny freckles or form more prominent spots several centimeters in diameter. In some cases, the areas can also have an irregular shape.

You can recognize age spots because you can see the area but not feel it. This distinguishes them from moles or warts, for example, which you can feel with your finger.

Remove age spots: with lemons and oranges

If the skin pigment has accumulated in places, it will no longer fade on its own. If these age spots still bother you, you can treat the darker discolorations with herbal bleaches. Many home remedies are supposed to fade pigment spots. Only a few scientists have studied the ingredients supposed to lighten the skin.

These exceptions include citrus fruits:

A  study showed that the essential oil of the lemon peel contains, among other things, an enzyme (tyrosinase). This enzyme also occurs in humans and controls the skin’s melanin production.

Another study looked at the effect of vitamin C on skin pigment. The vitamin is found in lemons and oranges, among others. In the skin, vitamin C supports enzymes in breaking down the stains again.

How to use citrus oil to lighten age spots:

  • Use cold-pressed lemon essential oil or orange essential oil.
  • Dab this on the skin areas and let the oil absorb.
  • It is best to treat the age spots in the evening, and then the oil can soak in overnight.
  • Treat the age spots daily. After about four weeks, you should see the first results.
  • Keep these points in mind when considering using citrus essential oil:

Tip: You can also make lemon oil yourself: grate the peel of a lemon and leave it in a vegetable oil such as olive oil for a few weeks. Use only organic lemons: These should be free of chemical pesticide residues.

Alternative: You can also use lemon juice to lighten skin spots. The vitamin C in it ensures that the darker scars fade over time. Here, too, you should dab on the lemon juice every day. Allow the liquid to be fully absorbed into the skin.

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