Struggling With Loose, Dark, And Rough Skin? Read this before seeing a dermatologist

Is your skin smooth, tight, and bright? If your answer is no, then you must be feeling miserable and in desperate need of assistance. Lose, dark, and rough facial skin is hallmarks of skin problems. It is understandable if you are now frantically searching for the best remedy to your problem. But before you visit a dermatologist, how about reading this article to the end? Your problem might seem massive, but you will be surprised to know that the actual issue isn’t your face but what you don’t know about skincare procedures.

A lot of people think they know so much about caring for the face. They think buying expensive skin care products and having a long line of luxurious and varieties of skincare products are all they need to have beautiful skin. Having the kind of skin you desire has less to do with buying an expensive product but more to do with acquiring knowledge the right knowledge, like skincare products layering. Most problems people face about their skin have little to do with the product they are using but how they apply the product.

If you have a large collection of skincare products, how you layer the product after the other matters a lot. Do you wash your face before applying cleansers, do you apply a serum before moisturizers, or after, what about sunscreen, when can you apply it for better effect? Now you have begun to see how you may have gotten it wrong and that your “problematic facial condition” isn’t so problematic after all – you just need to learn something new.

General face care

This cleanser routine is the procedure to adopt daily to give your face that constant glow. Always wash your face in the morning and last thing in the day. The reason is to rid grime that accumulated during sleep. After facial washing with water, you can apply cleansers or toners to your face. If your skin is oily, go for water-based toners or cleansers, and if it is dry, oil-based cleansers or toners will do.

The importance of cleansing or using a toner is to get rid of excess dirt, oil, and grimes that washing couldn’t take away.

Facial washing, toning, or cleansing are primary facial therapy that preps your skin for the application of other treatments, and importantly, eliminate dirt, dead skin cell, chemicals, and other pollutants from your face. So, these primary therapies form a basis to prevent skin breakouts, blackheads, dark spots, eczema, wrinkles, etc.

Serum, moisturizers, and sunscreen

Serums are vital for skin health. They are light and hence should be applied on the face before moisturizers. They penetrate faster into the skin to perform their magic of calming, improving wrinkles and fine lines, shielding from free radicals and potential damages.

Moisturizers on the other hand, help to reduce aging signs, tackle acne, protect from UV, calms sensitive skin, and hydrate the skin.

Sunscreen can aid in decreasing aging signs, inhibit sunspot appearance, shield from the dangers of sunlight, lessen the possibility of skin cancer, and so on.

To get the best effect, apply a serum before moisturizers and sunscreen. It is an enormously important layering tip; any other way could compromise the effectiveness of these therapies, no matter how effective they are. Apply sunscreen before moisturizers. 

Coldwater therapy

The cold water helps to constrict blood vessels making them tighter, leading to firmer skin. After morning or evening wash, dash cold water on your face to tighten your skin pore.

If you follow these skincare routines in this article, you should have firmer, brighter, and smoother skin. However, note that the information in this article shouldn’t prevent you from seeing your dermatologist if you have to.

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