Backne Problems: Say goodbye to Body Acne!

Acne is a significant source of insecurities, especially when it’s on your back! It’s too inconvenient to be lying down on your bed when your backend suddenly pops up and hurts you. But don’t worry because I have experienced it first-hand.

Instead of seeking an expert or conducting some research, I lost far too much time during my puberty pondering how to get rid of body acne. The infrequent breakouts on my back, chest, and, on rare occasions, my buttocks, made me feel humiliated. I tried to treat my body acne the same way I handled my face acne; I did everything I could to repair the existing outbreaks and prevent new ones from growing.

But sadly, I failed. However, as years passed by and after some research digging, I came up with the solution. Since we all have a different skin in our bodies compared to our face skin, it’s only natural that the way we take care of it is another way. Leave it to me, skincare babies, because we will look into body acne!


 Body breakouts, also known as Bacne, are widespread and can occur for various reasons, but we all know that doesn’t make them any less annoying! Body acne, also known as bacne, is even more stubborn than pimples and blackheads on your face – as if that wasn’t enough! , so it may take more than one anti-acne body wash to get rid of bacne. But why do we completely forget all of our skincare knowledge when we need to treat a spot on our chest, back, or bum? Maybe it’s because acne on our faces is more accessible to treat than acne on our bodies.

Body acne is not just tough to talk about; it’s also difficult to treat. For starters, it occurs in locations where you can’t always keep a tight check on it. A pimple on your chin may draw your attention, but a breakout on your back may become *extremely* uncomfortable or inflamed before you notice anything is amiss. It’s possible that you won’t notice body acne until it’s reached the “Ow, what the heck is that?” stage. It’s fortunate that backne can be addressed. After all, I know how hard you work to maintain your overall appearance, so it’s only fair that we give your body skin the same treatment!


First and foremost, we must delve deeper to determine why your body is experiencing breakouts. There could be a variety of causes for your acne, ranging from stress and environmental factors to genetics and possibly poor hygiene habits. Do you take the time to shower after working out? Excess sebum, sweat, and bacteria are typically trapped within the follicles or pores, causing inflammation. Are you working out? Then thoroughly cleanse your body afterward. Take a moment to consider where your acne is showing up. Do you have back acne? This might be because of hormones during your menstrual cycle. Acne near your buttocks? This could be due to wearing constrictive clothing that is irritating to the skin. Did you know that the products you use in and out of the shower can contribute to acne? You may develop pesky bumps if you do not thoroughly rinse your body after using shampoo and conditioner or moisturizer with pore-clogging ingredients. We recommend avoiding sulfates and silicone products and washing your body after shampooing/conditioning your hair. Bacne may be exacerbated if you have a sweaty back, for example. Tight clothing that does not allow your skin to “breathe” can provide an even better environment for acne microbes to thrive. If you have acne, try wearing clothing made of natural fibers, such as 100 percent cotton. Choose loose-fitting clothing that will not trap heat or cause friction on your skin. Most importantly, cleanse your skin immediately after working out to remove those nasty microbes.


Treatment for body acne takes time, and there is no way to get rid of it quickly. If you don’t have the patience to try trial-and-error product testing at home, I recommend scheduling an appointment with a dermatologist as soon as possible.

If you prefer an at-home therapy, Clay and Ugonabo both suggest a few items that you’re likely to recognise. Dermatologists recommend salicylic and glycolic acids, benzoyl peroxide, and retinol for treating body acne. These are likely substances you’ve used on your face, but because the skin on your body is less sensitive, they’re present in higher concentrations in body care products. Body acne is best treated with products that remove bacteria and gently exfoliate the skin.

It’s just as important to have a go-to body routine as it is to have a go-to facial way. Don’t you think it’s time to show our bodies some extra love?


1. Soaps containing cocoa butter or coconut oil should be avoided because they can cause breakouts in some people. The original Noble zinc soap with emu oil or argan oil are both excellent choices. The Vanicream Z-Bar also works.

2. Keep your zinc soap in a perforated holder between uses so it can drain and dry. You don’t want your zinc soap to live in a damp corner of the tub, as this will only encourage more “bad” microbes! To be safe, give your soap a quick rinse before using it.

3. If the zinc soap isn’t cutting it, try alternating between it and the benzoyl peroxide (BP) cleanser for an extra boost.

Just follow all of these skincare tips and you’re going to be fine, skincare babies!

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