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What Causes Wrinkles?

Some people say they don’t want wrinkles on them when they age, some others think it is disgusting. As skincare experts, we know that wrinkles area part of life.
It is a natural stage you go through as you age, it is also caused by exposing yourself to the sun and doing it a lot too.

Of course, there are parts of your body that are kind of hard to cover and protect from the sun, places like your hands, face, neck, and forearms. You have to add sunscreen to your skincare routine to protect these places.

However, on most occasions, genetics is a major way of dictating a person’s skin composition and pattern. Exposure to the sun is what brings wrinkles to the faces of most people, especially light skin persons. Also, for those who smoke and people who work or live in a polluted area. You require a good skincare routine. If by chance, your wrinkles make you uncomfortable, there are numerous options for you to pick from so you can make them reduce. There are drugs that work the magic, surgery is also an option, and mostly, there are wrinkle treatments available everywhere.

Causes Of Wrinkles
Wrinkles like we said before are natural so there are a number of things that cause it. You can stop some of them but some of them are unavoidable.
Age: With your age as you advance, your skin tends to lose its flexibility and more delicate.
Reduced manufacturing of natural oils causes your skin to dry up And causes it to lookmore wrinkled
Some fats in your body also tend to dry out and result in loose and saggy skin with fine lines and all.

UV Rays Exposure: Ultraviolet radiation is what hastens the natural aging procedures; it is the main cause of wrinkles especially when they appear early. It means you exposed yourself to the sun a lot.
UV light exposure disorientates the linking tissues in your skin with collagen and elastin fibers.
It is also found in a much deeper layer of the skin.
Apart from the supportive linking tissues, your skin has lesser strength and is less elastic which makes your skin starts sagging and then wrinkles appear.

Smoking: Smoking can enhance the average aging procedures of your skin adding to the causes of wrinkles.
This is mostly because of the effects that smoke has on collagen.

Continuous Facial Expression: The way you move your face and how often you do it is also a factor that causes wrinkles, we are talking about the basics like squinting and smiling, sometimes when you frown also it causes the skin to fold. Every time you do a facial expression, something goes on in the layer just below the surface.

As you age, your skin does the same and in the process, it loses its elasticity so it is no longer able to take its previous shape after it was being tampered with.
So when you make facial expressions and this activity happens beneath the skin, normally the skin then moves back into place when a youngster does it, it is different for people who have passed the age of having a strong skin elasticity.

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