How to Overline Your Lips Perfectly

Full lips are definitely something to be desired, but not everyone is naturally given the volume in their grouch to have this look on a daily basis. In this article we shall see how to overlie your lips perfectly.

Assess Your Lip Shape

It is always essential to exfoliate and nourish your lips regularly the same way you would your face and body when we want to start lip lining. Using a lip scrub and moisturizing lip balm will help your products glide on smoothly so that we do not injure our lips. We start by Cupid’s bow making sure that it is not forgotten when making the lining and concentrating much on it.

Choose Your Color
The secret to successful over lining starts with the shade of lip pencil you select. While you can go with a pencil that has the same undertones as your natural lips we should start with the light pencils which is always a soft flesh tone that is lighter than your skin tone, and line the top of the lip just outside the natural lip line. Then after, fill in the area with a lip pencil that is the of same color as your natural lip.

Highlight your Cupid’s bow
Cupid’s bow is the upper part of the lip which resembles a heart. While some people may have perfectly defined peaks, others do not have or might have a less-defined cupid’s bow. A slight highlighter can aid in giving your lips a more three-dimensional look and help guide you as you line them. The highlighter makes it appear that the top part of the lip is grasping more light, because it is moving forward and it is always recommended to use an angled brush to highlight the Cupid’s bow.

Shade your edges
Use a lip pencil to begin shading the turnings of your lips, starting with the outer edges. It contours your lips and softens the line. Always make sure that your lip liner is very sharp for precise application. It is recommended for one to use a long lasting highlighter so that the lip liner will last all day long.

Fill in the Rest of Your Lips.
After perfecting your lip liner, it’s time to apply the lipstick. A long-lasting lipstick like liquid lipstick will guarantee your over lined lip looks renewed and perfect all day long. Filling in the lips lightly with the liner you’ve chosen will ensure a natural finish and help retain the shape of your lips constant. If anyone wants natural look of your lips, it is advisable to use a nude lip in a shade that’s similar to the color of the darkest lip liner you used.

Add Your Lipstick
Use a lip brush to spread over the lipstick and dash it on, starting with the center of your upper and lower lips, then gradually blend the color out to the corners of your mouth smoothly.

Add some aspect
While a matte lip stays almost all day long, adding a little lip gloss to your lips will further heighten them. Even when someone adds a little subtle sheen to the center of your mouth, this can make your lips appear fuller by contouring the shape.

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