Summer Skincare Tips: Glow Your Skin in summer!

All seasons have fairly unique weather conditions which can affect your skin in many ways. It is, therefore, necessary to alter the skincare routine accordingly to protect the skin from harsh weather.

Summer weather conditions can have tremendous damage to your skin. Dark patches, dry skins, rushes, and oily skins are all associated with summer conditions. Summer is the hottest season every year. In this article, Nutriherbs shares handy tips to help you tide over the skin issues associated with summer.

You might be wondering why your skin looks odd during summer while a few folks are glowing. You do not have to worry anymore because you will also know the secret after reading this article.

Summer Skincare Tips

The following tips, sourced from renowned dermatologists will help you to maintain healthy skin during summer.

Consider a mole check-up

Nutriherbs recommend frequent skin assessment by a dermatologist. A skin check-up is very important as it helps you to track the changes on your skin and engage in treatment in time if any deviations or problems are spotted. The doctor will conduct a full-body examination and identify rushes and moles if any. The results will help you to navigate summer properly.

SPF requirements

Applying sunscreen creams during summer seems obvious. However, you should know the SPF minimum requirements to be met to evade summer skin issues. Being aware of your skin phototype will also help you to determine the SPF minimum requirements for your skin.

During summer you should wear SPF 50+ when you are getting exposed to the sun. That will help you counter dark patches as well as skin photoaging.

Make it a point to apply sunscreen for at least 15 minutes before exposing yourself to the summer sunlight. And then reapply it at 2 hours intervals. Sunscreen layers prevent the sunlight from penetrating and damaging your skin. It is a remarkable shield during summer.

Additionally, Neutriherbs recommends applying sunscreen after a swim. Modern sunscreens are water-resistant. That means you can comfortably play in the beach water without getting skin burns.

Stay in a shade

Well, trees and buildings are not the only sources of shade. You can improvise one. Simply carry your umbrella during summer and enjoy your man-made shade.  You can easily guard your skin against sun-induced patches and wrinkles by carrying your umbrella.

Moisturizing the skin during summer

Skin moisturizing is one way of keeping your skin hydrated. The hot weather during summer causes skin dehydration – the skin loses a lot of water. The application of moisturizers will compensate for the lost water and create a balance. You can use moisturizing lotions and face moisturizers.

Use anti-oxidants

What are anti-oxidants? Well, I know most folks do not place the word. Some folks would wonder why we have to prevent oxygen supply or something. It is not like that.

The UV light produces a lot of free radicals which are toxic to the skin. During summer the UV is extreme and the free radicals emission increases. Anti-oxidants are added to food diets or skincare regimens to prevent free radicals from damaging the skin.

Ascorbic acid is the cosmetic form of vitamin C. Vitamin C contains a lot of antioxidants. Enrich your diet with pepper, strawberries, potatoes etcetera, they all contain vitamin C. Glow your skin in summer!

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