Salicylic Acid and Clear Skin: All you need to know

Acne is a horrible skin condition that disfigures the face with ugly bumps. If you are prone to acne or have experienced a skin problem, you already know all the painful and embarrassing stories of those pesky zits. Luckily, there are breakthrough skincare therapies that fight the ugly spots successfully, and one of them is Salicylic Acid. It is a formidable acne enemy that is trending and making a buzz in the skincare industry. This breath of fresh air for acne sufferers destroys acne and gives beautiful, clear, and smooth skin. Apart from its remarkable acne-fighting specialty, there is more to know about it

It is quite annoying that despite your effort to have a spot-free face, you still have to battle acne. Although you may have bought different expensive skin routines and invested a lot in your fight against acne, if you haven’t tried salicylic acid treatment, then you haven’t tried it all.

About salicylic acid

For people struggling with combination, oily, or fighting acne, try salicylic acid. It contains BHA or beta hydroxy acid that is mixed well in oil and easily enters the skin to unblock congestion, mildly exfoliate the skin, and lessens inflammation. It is an extraction from willow tress which aids in raising skin well-being.

Why use salicylic acid?

There are many benefits associated with using this skin wonder treatment. First, it enters deeply into the skin to destroy blockages and provide topical skin exfoliation. Its good affiliation with fats and oil makes it the man active ingredient against all types of skin clogging. It penetrates deep into the skin to successfully lessen whiteheads and blackheads.

Salicylic acid vs. other acids

As earlier mentioned in this article, salicylic acid is not the only powerful ingredient that fights acne, other acids perform similar functions, and they are AHA or alpha-hydroxyl acid. It penetrates deep into the skin to perform its acne-destroying wonders. There is also beta hydroxyl acid, BHA, which is oil compatible.

Skincare routine and salicylic acid

Compare to other kinds of acid, salicylic is adaptable and benefits most types of skin, except people with harshly pigmented skin and very dry skin; they should stay away from salicylic acid. However, people with other skin types can take pleasure in the working of BHAs, specifically those prone to excess blocked comedones and blackheads. Overindulgence in acid could upset the skin’s protective barrier; for this reason, start applying it thrice weekly and gradually increase if needed.

Skin specialists like Dr. Goel advise that you can apply the acid twice daily – morning and night, but you must slowly progress into the “twice daily” routine. Use it as wipes and face wash, and base on how oily your skin is, raise the application. To prevent irritation, apply sunscreen and moisturizers as well.

You don’t have to stress over acne and skin blemish condition if you use salicylic acid. Do not forget that other effective acid ingredients fight acne, whiteheads, blackheads, and other face zits successfully.

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