What Is The Right Sequence Of Skin Product That Is Best For Facial Care Routine

How many product routines do you practice? Do you have three or ten stages of skincare application habits throughout the day? Whatever skincare routines you follow, how you apply them is pertinent. For people that have successfully created an effective skincare routine through trial and error, you are simply fortunate that it worked for you.

Putting together the proper order of products routines for day or night must follow a strict sequence; if not, it won’t work. The reason is simple, following a faulty order may lead to improper absorption of product into the skin – this is just one of the side effects of product routine disorder. Read on to learn more.

The right product routine order and how to use it:

In the morning and throughout the day, your objective for putting together a beauty routine is protection and prevention. Throughout the night, your face is open to surroundings that are full of all kinds of irritants. Protect and prevent these irritants or impurities from settling and residing on your face until they start damaging it.

Your simple morning skin car habit should therefore include:

A face cleanser helps to rid the face off environmental impurities that settled on the skin during the day and overnight. Use moisturizers to replenish your face with moisture, and you can get them in the form of balms, gels, and creams.

Sun protection is vital for shielding your skin from the destructive impact of UV rays.

Using oil-sourced cleansers:

Cleansers are water or oil-sourced, and the last type of cleanser which is the oil-based type is for dissolving oil on the skin.

It is advisable to use oil-sourced cleansers on damp skin because they work more effectively. Before applying the product, ensure that you read the guide carefully. After reading the instructions, apply a minute amount on your face, and rub it meticulously with water before rinsing it off, and drying it with a soft cloth.

Using a cleanser that contains water:

This type of cleanser has surfactants that permit liquid to remove dirt and sweat. Also, they can take away oil residues from an oil-sourced cleanser.

Astringents or toners:

Another beauty treatment suitable for morning and night application is an astringent or toner. Toners help to restore skin moisture, eradicate dirt, and dead cells that were skipped after you cleansed your face.

Astringent, on the other hand, contains alcohol and is utilized in fighting surplus oil. You can use toners after your cleansing routine. Use it on cotton and your face or directly.

Serum for antioxidant purposes:

Use serums because it has high ingredients content. The one that contains antioxidants will shield your face from damage that free radicals caused. Apart from serum, you can use ingredients that contain vitamin C and E, because they are popular and effective antioxidants.

Spot therapy:

If you have skin inflation, use products that fight inflations to eliminate the problem. Also, utilize drying remedies for spots to clear off the residues.

Eye creams:

Apply a thin layer of eyes cream under your eyes to fight puffiness, fine lines, and skin pigmentation. Use the best skin-lightening cream to make your face brighter, firmer, and smoother.


A skincare product that contains moisturizers makes the skin soft and smooth. If you have dry facial skin, go for balm or cream. For combination or normal skin, denser cream works perfectly.

Create the best sequence of skincare routines and watch your face look beautiful and healthy all the time.

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