Today we come to answer a question that you ask very often. How to reapply sunscreen? Above all, how do we reapply sunscreen on makeup? Well, don’t worry, right now we’ll explain everything to you, clear clarinet. Because, as we will see, applying sunscreen correctly is just as important as reapplying it.

Reapply sunscreen often

But, like everything in life, we have to start with the foundations. And it is that we have to reapply the sunscreen every two hours approximately, especially if we are in an outdoor environment.

For the simple fact that any sunscreen degrades over time. And because we are also inevitably going to sweat, and perspire, we rub against other clothes, among many other factors… And this is causing the sunscreen to lose effectiveness.

Sunscreen is like an empty cup. After a few hours, the cup has filled with radiation and can no longer absorb more. By not being able to absorb more, the radiation will pass into the skin and damage it. Putting sunscreen back on is like putting on a clean, empty cup so it can reabsorb these sun rays, instead of hitting your skin. That is, we have to replace it with a new empty, and clean cup from time to time.

As we have seen, reapplication is essential. Especially if we want to be well protected against the harmful effects of solar radiation. But is that applying and reapplying sunscreen is also the best anti-aging that exists: fewer spots, fewer wrinkles, less sagging, fewer broken capillaries… And also (and most importantly in my opinion) fewer tickets to suffer from skin cancer.

If we are on the beach, in the pool, or in the countryside… maybe doing the application is easier, because you don’t care about getting your hands dirty or staining the swimsuit. But what happens when I have to replicate the sunscreen outside of these environments? In other words, on a work day, before going to play sports… we all know that it makes us lazy and that it is more uphill.

The best situation would be someone who doesn’t wear makeup, put on colorless sunscreen in the morning, and then go out. And reapply sunscreen after every 2 hours.

Reapply sunscreen on makeup

But what happens if I wear makeup? In the ideal world, we would have to remove our makeup well, put on that generous layer of sunscreen again, and then put on our makeup again. But who does that?

So how do I apply sunscreen over my makeup? It is true that on YouTube you can see people who apply sunscreen on top of their makeup using sponges or blenders. And we must admit that they do it in quite generous quantities, with which, there is nothing to reproach them with.

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