The effect of face masks on your face

Depending on the ingredients contained in the face mask, the effect on the skin is refreshing, cooling, smoothing or, in some other way, promoting a healthy and youthful complexion. Here are some examples of how face masks work:

  • You can apply a cooling face mask, which creates a refreshing skin feeling.
  • A soothing face mask can reduce fine lines.
  • A face mask against pigment spots can help to reduce hyperpigmentation and prevent it from developing.
  • With a lightening face mask, your skin can become lighter, which causes an optical rejuvenation effect.
  • A relaxing face mask can help you reduce stress and the signs of ageing.
  • If the skin on your face is swollen due to various influences, a decongestant face mask can help.
  • A glowing skin mask can help you keep your skin bright and fresh.

What does a face mask do? As a rule, the goal of a face mask is a fresh complexion, which is reflected in the skin with good blood circulation, a smooth surface and a fine structure. A face mask can also promote the supply of moisture and nutrients and stimulate regenerative metabolic processes.

Moisturising mask

A moisturising mask is used to moisturise your skin as quickly as possible. This moisturising mask can provide a gel that refreshes and invigorates your skin. It also offers essential care substances that are contained in the active ingredients from avocado extract, avocado oil and evening primrose oil.

Soothing face mask

If you are struggling with red or sensitive skin that is very sensitive, a soothing face mask can be very comforting. Even with dry skin, a facial anti-inflammatory mask is a real blessing. The ingredients in these masks help reduce inflammation and can also have a moisturising and cooling effect.

Mask against tired skin

A mask against tired skin is specially designed with active ingredients to reduce the external signs of fatigue. For example, you can use a face mask against dark circles, which nourishes the delicate skin under your eyes and provides additional moisture. A face mask against dull skin ensures that blood circulation is promoted and your skin is supplied with more water for a healthy glow.

If you are looking for a face mask against a tired appearance, it is best to choose a nourishing, moisturising mask or soothing face mask. A thermal mask can also revitalise and refresh your complexion with other treatments. It expands the pores so that active ingredients from creams or serums can be applied afterwards and can be better received.

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