Winter Skincare Tips: Sensitive Skin

Skincare just like clothing follows the seasons. It must adapt to the climate because the climate affects our skin. In winter due to the cold but above all the dry air, it risks being put in difficulty, especially concerning hydration. For this reason, it is essential to choose the right products against dryness, dullness and, in some cases, even potential irritation.

If in the summer we act of subtraction, between sweat, shiny skin and impurities, here at this stage of the year we must do the opposite to prevent dehydration and flaking. The key is to keep the hydrolipidic film of the skin as intact as possible with the right routine and to do so you must listen to your skin and its needs.

Tips to Note

Even in winter, for cleansing you must use lukewarm or even better cold water: the hot one, perhaps from the shower under which we stay even longer than usual, attacks the skin, dragging away the natural oils that are on the surface and this involves dryness and irritation.

As for the cleanser, a delicate one is better: do the double cleansing first using an oily product and then a foaming agent can be of great help, taking care to choose products that do not give the skin that stretches once the wash is finished. Natural ones without perfume or aggressive surfactants are the most suitable.

Especially if we live in places where the air is polluted, it is important not to put aside exfoliation. Even in winter, it is useful for eliminating dead cells and dirt residues, and indeed, it is the perfect time for more intensive treatments and to remove AHAs (see glycolic acid) and BHAs (see salicylic acid).

In this way, the skincare products will penetrate deeper, acting at their best. How and how much to exfoliate should be evaluated based on how dry and sensitive the skin is: never overdo it even in the presence of imperfections if we notice redness or discomfort.

At this point, the skin will be very ready for the products and the first, essential is the serum, the basis of a self-respecting routine. Being light but concentrated, it is applied first and penetrates the skin with its active ingredients. At this time of year, we can safely use vitamin C and hyaluronic acid, as we know it is always suitable for all skin types. You can use it as a serum or as a booster, in any case, you will be on the safe side when it comes to hydration.

As for the cream, the keyword is, as always, to moisturise, even in the case of combination or oily skin: it is completely normal that in winter even these types tend to be less oily and need some extra care, maybe not just to be hydrated but also nourished. So green light for creams with a consistency that is even a little heavier, always using two different ones for the day and the night: the latter, richer, may contain retinol, a powerful anti-wrinkle that however does not get along with the sun. and for this reason, it is recommended only at night and in winter. The work of serum and cream can be, indeed, must be supplemented by masks, pure pampering that relaxes and at the same time gives water and nourishment to the face.

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