Is Your Skin Dry Dehydrated: Here is the best skincare routine for you

Humans have different skin types, and they are dry, normal, oily, and sensitive. Those types need unique treatments because they have different needs. Using skincare that is not suitable for your skin type will lead you to problems. Take dry skin as an example. If you have dry skin but randomly use a facial cleanser for oily skin, you indirectly damage your skin. You make your skin drier a lot. 

Get to Know Dry Dehydrated Skin

Are dry and dehydrated skin similar? Not all people know that they are different. Dry skin is a skin type just like oily, normal or sensitive. This is the condition where your skin lacks oil. It is simply because your skin produces less oil than any other skin type, like normal and oily skin. The symptoms may differ because it depends on your health, your age, and your hormones. Dry skin gives you signals like feeling rough skin and tightness, itchy, redness, fine lines, and cracks and irritation. 

Dehydrated skin, on the other hand, is a skin condition where your skin lacks water. This will make your skin look pale and dull. Other signs of dehydrated skin are redness, sunken eyes or dark under-eye circle, wrinkle, and fine lines. Any type of skin can experience dehydration. 

Creating the best skincare routine for dehydrated skin

Is it possible for someone to have both dry and dehydrated skin? The answer is yes. The idea is you need to keep your body hydrated. Follow the tips below:

– Cleanser

For dry dehydration skin, you can choose a gentle cleanser. An oil-based cleanser will help you clean your skin and moisturize it as well. 

– Hydrating serum

The hydrating serum helps you boost natural moisture levels in the skin. For dry dehydrated skin, you can apply this serum twice a day, in the morning and the evening. It calms your skin and reduces redness as well. Hyaluronic acid, glycerine, and squalene are ingredients you need to find on the label of the serum product you wish to buy. 

– Moisturiser 

Applying rich moisturizer twice a day helps you reduce the water loss in the skin and restore your skin barrier. 

– Sunscreen 

Sunscreen appears to be a must item to have, regardless type of your skin. Apply sunscreen daily and frequently to protect your skin from damaging UV rays. 

Besides applying those skincare routines, you should also change your lifestyle into a healthy one. Drinking enough water has always been taken for granted but it is really helpful to maintain your body and skin health. Next, always eat nutritious food and plant-based foods are better, such as vegetables and fruits. Junk foods are not good for your body and skin but they will be fine as long as not too frequent. Although it may be hard, please try to avoid drinking alcohol and smoking. You may also drink less coffee, do exercise, and get plenty of sleep. Live a healthy life and you will beautify your skin. Hope this will help you. 

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