Why do I have more and more sensitive skin?

Sensitive skin is a condition of the skin, not a type of skin (such as a combination of oily skin, or dry skin), which can affect anyone at any time. Sensitivity manifests itself in irritation, redness, tightness, itching, tingling, peeling … The truth is that more and more people claim to have some skin sensitivity. It is an issue that in the pharmacy we see more and more worries. Also, the search for products for the care of sensitive skin has increased.

What does it mean to have sensitive skin?

Skin sensitivity manifests itself with different symptoms such as irritation, redness, inflammation, tightness, itching, peeling and even small wounds. Sensitivity is often associated with skin pathologies such as acne, rosacea, atopic dermatitis …

What factors can contribute to increased skin sensitivity?

One of the most important is the use of cosmetics that are not suitable for the type of skin. The same products do not work for everyone, so it is important that when trying a new cosmetic we make sure that it is suitable for our skin type. The use of acids (glycolic, salicylic…) and retinoids indiscriminately and without following the recommendations of the experts can cause the skin to become sensitised. These are highly recommended active ingredients for skin care, but they must be used progressively, considering the tolerance we have for them. Also abusing the products, for wanting to use all the ones we see on social networks, can cause sensitive skin.

Another factor that is contributing to the increase in sensitivity is environmental aggression. Pollution, light from mobile devices, and free radicals emitted by the sun… are factors that also weaken the skin barrier.

Then, another key factor is stress, a very common problem that has been shown to have negative consequences on the skin.

What products to choose to care for sensitive skin?

It is important to minimise beauty routines, and use only what is necessary to maintain healthy skin. To clean the skin we will choose mild cleansers, which have been formulated for sensitive skin, usually without added perfumes (since they are one of the biggest irritants).

To restore comfort to sensitive skin, and avoid tightness and irritation, choose moisturising creams that reinforce the skin barrier, formulated for sensitive skin. During the day, we will also add a mineral sunscreen, more suitable for reactive skin.

At night, after cleaning, you have to moisturise again. You can use the same morning cream or incorporate one with niacinamide, an active ingredient that improves the skin barrier.

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