Choosing a Skincare Routine

Luminous , hydrated and flawless skin , do you dream of it? It’s not always easy to know how to take care of your skin and what products to use! We are going to give you some of the special tips and advice to get beautiful, luminous and even skin .

Cleansing, An essential step in your routine

You should always start your skincare routine by cleansing the skin . This step is essential to eliminate impurities, pollution and dust that have accumulated on the skin. So, it is highly recommended to start your skincare routine with a quality cleanser to get healthy skin . To get the expected results, use quality Vitamin E, that will wash away impurities and residual on your skin without drying it out. It shall leave your skin with a clean and smooth feeling. Then, rinse your face with clear water. It is highly recommended because it cleans very gently.

If possible, you should look for a vitamin E cleanser that also contains the goodness of hydrating ingredients like aloe vera. It will help in keeping the hydration levels of skin at the top all the time and this powerful combination will help in removing the dead cells and impurities. Furthermore, it will also help in lowering the skin redness and roughness. Another perk is that, It is compatible for all skin types, including the sensitive skin.

The serum– To boost the radiance of your skin!

It is recommended to also use a serum morning and evening under your moisturising cream. Enriched with active ingredients, the serum meets the needs of our skin . At the moment serums rich in vitamin C and fruit acids are one of the most trending skincare products of all time, it contributes to the natural radiance of the complexion and to the hydration of the skin . 2 pressures in the palm of my hand, then distribute the product on your face by performing small strokes to make it penetrate deeply. It will not only provide the goodness of rich ingredients but also leave a glow on your face.

Mask+ Scrub, A Pro combo!

Once or twice a week , in addition to your daily routine, you should also exfoliate . It eliminates dead cells often responsible for dull complexion. The skin is then ready to receive deeper treatments. Then you should apply your bubble clay mask – Oxygenating & Revitalising mask all over the face, avoiding the eye area .

A magical texture that sparkles on contact with the skin for a great boost of freshness on the face ! A bubble mask comes with a strong absorption affinity that will help in removing the excessive oils, dirt and any other residues deeply out of skin. It will result in a smooth and soft skin which is refreshed in just one use. Results? Your skin is plumped and luminous.

A face routine with care products adapted to your skin type is the guarantee of healthy and luminous skin , but also of a later appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. You now have all the cards in hand to have beautiful plump skin .

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