How To Do Dry Oil Cleansing Method

Human beings are social by nature and it is understandable for anyone to want to look their best to be easily acceptable when interacting with other people. However, the cleansing process is one of the most important processes in any skincare routine. This is because it has benefits that are necessary to get the best results out of any skincare routine. Your skin produces sebum to protect your skin from environmental changes such as heat. Excess sebum can mix with debris such as dust and form a paste that can clog your pores. Cleansing helps prevent such misfortunes and can help your skin appear clean and clear. Clear skin will also result in your skin maintaining a neutral PH value. A good PH balance is essential because it enables your skin to retain moisture thus giving you well-hydrated skin. The other reason why cleansing is important is that it increases your skin’s potential of absorbing other skincare products. This can save you money because you will require less quantity of skincare products.

There are many ways you can perform a skin cleanse. Picking out the best cleaning method will depend on how well you know your skin type. Dry oil cleansing is one of the least understood methods but this article will attempt to shed a little on the process. Dry oil cleansing is not that difficult to understand and you can grasp the concept in as little as five minutes. Simply put, dry cleaning involves using only oil or oil blends to cleanse the face. The process requires you to wipe the oil with a dry cloth rather than a wet cloth or rinse it off with water. 

It may be absurd at first because most people associate cleaning with water. However, contrary to popular belief, dry oil cleaning is more effective than water-based cleaning methods. The dry oil cleansing method is highly recommended for pregnant women because they usually experience different changes in their skin color and texture because of hormonal changes. 

Steps and requirements for a dry oil cleansing process 

The first thing you will need is to pick out the right oil or oil blend to use. The common rule here is to go for pure oils or oil blends that do not have ingredients that will require rinsing afterward. Avoid oils and oil blends that contain ingredients such as forming agents, salts, soaps, or synthetic fragrances. The second rule for picking the right oil is to go for non-comedogenic products. This means you should avoid oils that have ingredients that can clog up your pores. Some of the oils that you can opt for include argan oil, grape seed oil, sunflower oil, or jojoba oil. The next step is to select the right type of cloth that you will use to wipe the oil off your skin. The most logical type of material is cotton because of its ability to absorb oil. Pick 100% cotton because synthetic cotton may cause an allergic reaction on the skin when using it. Apply a moderate amount of oil and let it sit for a couple of minutes. Take the cotton cloth and wipe it outwards on our face. Wipe without using force that can cause soreness on the skin. Cleanse in the morning and begin for best results. You can use moisturizer from the Neutriherbs online store to help keep the skin hydrated. 

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