Avoid Developing Common Skin Problems: 6 Skincare Tips, Guides, and Hacks

Do you know your skin type? If you don’t, then you will continue to struggle with skin and body problems. Also, chances are, you are probably using the wrong skincare routine because your skin type should define the type of product you buy. Therefore, one of the ways to ensure that you constantly use the right product is to know your skin type.

Develop an effective skincare routine:

The phrase “skincare routine” has been so hyped that many women think it is a solution to a skin problem, but it isn’t. Having the ideal information and following is a significant step in preventing skin issues and maintaining flawless, supple, and firm skin.

1. Using serum:

The first tip for you is to use a serum. What is the benefit of using the serum on the face? It contains vitamin C, which helps to prevent aging and maintain the firmness of your facial muscles. Skincare products like Vitamin C Brightening & Glow Trio also brighten the face, remove blemishes, and shield the face from the harmful effect of sunray. The best time to apply serum is in the morning. Use a retinol at night.

2. Cleanse your face morning and night:

Cleansing the face will remove excess oil, tone your facial muscles, prevent breakouts, refresh your skin cell, and more. Apply cleansers after washing the face.

3. Moisturizers: the foundation of skincare

A skincare care routine is not complete without a moisturizer. Do you know that oily faces too need moisturizers? But it must be light, gelly, and non-pore clogging. If you have dry skin, moisturizing cream is best for you.

4. Use sun protection:

The effect of the UV rays on the skin is debilitating, harsh, and distressing. Unfortunately, exposure to sunlight cannot be avoided, but you can protect your skin from its harmful effect if you apply SPF-based products. The range of SPF to use depends on the weather type in your area. During summers, a minimum of 30 SPF is advised, during Fall, at least 15 SPF is recommended.

5. General skin type advice:

These skincare tips go for all skin types and they are:

  • constant hydration
  • Don’t use a pillow for too long without washing or changing it
  • Avoid sleeping hair down, but if you must, ensure you wash your hair before going to bed.
  • Apply sunscreen daily, and fifteen minutes before your outing
  • Before using a new skincare product, conduct a sample reaction skin test to know if it suits your skin. If you are satisfied with the test.

6. Not all DY hacks are good for you:

There are many DIY hacks on the internet that claims to have the magic formula for the perfect skin. Before you use any read this. Lemon is a good treatment for the face, but most DIY hacks will not warn you that it is bad to expose your face to sunlight after applying lemon on the face.

Lemon reacts negatively with sunlight and it can cause dark spots and acne on your face. So, the best time to apply lemon DIY treatments on the face is at night when the sun is down.

Another hack is to avoid is baking soda because the PH level is too strong for your skin, long-term usage can cause more harm than good.

Knowledge is power, and that is probably all you need to develop and maintain the best skin. The right information about skincare products and their ingredients, skin type, and other useful info will help you make to create a perfect skincare routine.

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