Newest Beauty Trend: Facial Exercise

Clara is an influencer. She loves to try new trends in skincare as a skincare enthusiast. Recently she has welcomed Jade-roller and Guasha into her skincare regime. She finishes her nighttime skincare routine with some facial exercise or facial yoga. Surprisingly it has started to make her skin look more fresh and radiant.

Did you know our face is made up of over 50 different muscles? Unlike the rest of your body, many of these facial muscles are hardly used. Basically, Facial yoga is a health and wellness trend that combines massage therapy, acupressure, exercise, and relaxation. It minimizes stress lines and wrinkles by stimulating muscles, tightening skin, and relieving tension. By performing frequent facial exercises, you stimulate blood circulation to the various parts of the face, renewing the oxygen supply in the muscles and skin. This will give you a wonderful healthy glow and a bright complexion and help with skin tightening.

Statistics reveal that facial yoga exercises really work. Some thought that the exercises might add wrinkles rather than remove them. However, the opposite happened. When you realize that facial yoga is founded on the same principles as resistance training, the results are not surprising. Muscles expand in bulk when they are exercised. As you exercise your facial muscles, you should expect more definition in your cheekbones and less drooping around the jawline, making you look relatively young.

Few Popular Face Exercises Or Face Yogas

The Jaw Flex

This one is ideal for reducing double chins and giving a crisp appearance. Tilt your head back until you’re looking at the ceiling, then move your lower lip as far as you can over your upper lip; hold for 10 seconds and repeat 10-15 times.

The Puffer Fish Press

This facial workout will aid in the reduction of laugh ma around your lips. Puff up your cheeks and close your mouth. Repeat for 30 seconds, moving the air from one cheek to another.

The Chipmunk Cheek Squeeze

It aids in the sculpting of flabby cheeks. Tilt your head back, thrust your chin forward, and suck your cheeks in as much as possible. Hold for 5-10 seconds. Repeat ten times.

The Cheekbone Lift

to achieve more defined cheekbones, Place a finger on each cheekbone. Raise the skin gently to the top. Form an expanded “O” with your mouth; you should feel resistance in your cheek muscles. Hold for 5-10 seconds. Repeat ten times.

The Brow-Raiser

It makes the brows appear less sagging. Join your index and middle fingers and gently push the skin down with your fingernails across your brows. Raise and lower your brows, producing resistance with the weight of your fingernails. Repeat 10 times for a total of 6 sets.

Many more facial yogas to help with different causes are available online.

Facial Yoga With Tools

Guashas and jade rollers can be used to increase circulation and energy flow. Face yoga with these tools is complemented by the calming, meditative experience, which produces Botox-like benefits that you may repeat at home. These Face Yoga tools improve the look of freshly created fine lines and wrinkles by increasing blood flow by stimulating the skin’s surface. They also relieve puffiness and muscle tension in the same way that a massage does.

Face training, especially for women, can help build confidence because looking good typically leads to feeling good. While not as immediate as cosmetic surgery, it will save you money and time. Face yoga exercises can improve your overall physical and emotional well-being by lowering stress and increasing self-esteem.

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