The most effective antioxidants in skincare

Vitamin E

It is a vitamin that has great antioxidant properties, capable of carrying all its nutrients to the deepest layers of the skin, providing high hydration while protecting it from harmful external agents that may affect it.

Vitamin E is a product that can provide many benefits for all skin types, especially for dry, sensitive and brittle skin, since thanks to its regenerative capacity it rebuilds the skin barrier, restoring its shine and elasticity.

Neutriherbs’ best Vitamin E products include:

  • Neutriherbs Vitamin E Facial Cleanser
  • Neutriherbs Vitamin E Lip care
  • Neutriherbs retinol serum with vitamin E
  • Neutriherbs Vitamin E nourishing and moisturising lotion
  • Neutriherbs Vitamin E nourishing and moisturising face cream
  • Neutriherbs Vitamin E hydrating spray


Retinol, for its part, is an active ingredient derived from vitamin A with the ability to reach the deepest layers of the skin, thus stimulating collagen and elastin. Thanks to its properties, it greatly improves the external appearance of the skin.

It stimulates the cell renewal process, eliminating dead skin cells to make way for new cells that will provide luminosity and vitality.

Neutriherbs’ best retinol products include:

  • Neutriherbs retinol cream
  • Neutriherbs retinol serum
  • Neutriherbs retinol eye gel

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is a great natural antioxidant that fights age, at the same time that it provides luminosity and greatly improves the texture of the skin. Thanks to its properties, it can unify skin tone, accentuate expression lines and provide greater firmness.

In addition to this, it helps stimulate the enzymes that are responsible for the production of collagen in the skin, while regenerating and rebuilding the tissue.

Neutriherbs’ best Vitamin C products include:

  • Neutriherbs Vitamin C facial cleanser
  • Neutriherbs Vitamin C facial toner
  • Neutriherbs Vitamin C eye cream
  • Neutriherbs Vitamin C face cream
  • Neutriherbs Vitamin C serum


Niacinamide is also known as vitamin B3, which is an active ingredient capable of protecting and reinforcing the skin barrier, stimulating cell renewal and improving blood circulation.

It is a powerful anti-wrinkle active ingredient capable of reducing expression lines, wrinkles and skin blemishes, moisturising and stimulating cell regeneration.

Neutriherbs’ best niacinamide products include:

  • Neutriherbs Niacinamide serum
  • Neutriherbs Vitamin E cream, which includes Niacinamide

What is the best antioxidant for the face?

After reviewing the most powerful antioxidants in cosmetics, you may be wondering which is the best antioxidant for facial care, the one that, due to its powerful antioxidant properties, helps us fight the signs of ageing and protects our skin from radicals. free.

Recent studies mention that vitamin C has excellent absorption power in our body and its antioxidant action is very effective at the cellular level since this activity can multiply thousands of times in the body, while flavonoids, On the other hand, around 5% are assimilated.

Although much more analysis and research should indeed be carried out on the properties of antioxidants, everything indicates that those that are essential nutrients for our body are the most effective, such as vitamin E, vitamin C and flavonoids, among others.


In summary, even though scientific studies highlight that antioxidants are different from each other with different properties and effects on the body, there is no doubt about the benefits that they bring to our body, which are highly important because they protect us from harmful effects. harmful that threaten our cells while helping us to counteract the signs of ageing thanks to its high anti-ageing properties

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