Skin Around The Eyes Concerns You Should Know About: tips and solutions

The weather and aging process causes skin dryness around the eyes. Other problems that can occur at the region of your skin eyes are puffiness, dark circles, eye bags, fine lines, and wrinkles. Mostly, these problems are caused by eczema, conductivities, etc. 

In this article you will learn about how to take care of some skin eye issues, starting with dryness.


This condition can occur anywhere in the body including the delicate part of your face which is the region around your eyes. That part of the skin requires oil and water to keep it hydrated, supple, soft, and elastic. General signs of dryness are rough skin, peeling, flaky skin, and itching. The A.A.D or American Academy of dermatologist states that certain groups of individuals have a greater probability of having dry skin compared to others, and they include people:

*That are over the age of 40 years

*That lives in chilly countries

*That smokes

*Who lacks mineral or vitamin-like A, D, zinc, or iron

*With fair, black, or brown skin

How to treat dryness

*Dry skin can be corrected when you take enough water daily

*Apply moisturizing skincare ingredient

*Stay away from applying harsh products to your eyes

*Stay away from man-made heat sources that can dry the hair

*Avoid extended bath or showers


If you have eczema you can use peptide or retinol packaged cream. Retinoid is the end product of vitamin A that helps to promote the turnover of skin cells and produce collagen. It assists with the total touch of the skin and penetrates deeply into the skin to renew wrinkles and boost the look of fine lines.

Irritation and redness

The skin around the eye is delicate and thin hence takes a long time to recuperate. If any ingredient causes irritation and reaction on your face, the eye area is usually the first to show the result in form of redness and irritation. If this happens, treat it instantly, if not it may take weeks to normalize.

Under-eye bags: cream vs, gel

Is it better t use eye cream or eye gel for skin eye issues? If you are born with naturally dry skin eye, apply a product that contains less water and more gel to permit constant hydration. But if your case is an under-eye bag, a gel is ideal for the condition. For better effect, keep the gel away in refrigerators, as the coldness will help to tighten the skin vessel and reduce the swelling.

Under-eye dark spot

Under-eye dark spot concern can be treated by injecting a little hyaluronic acid. It is a popular filler that seals the small furrow close to the trough. Do not carry out this hyaluronic process yourself; meet an expert provider to assist you. If you are in your 20s to 30s your dark spot problems respond well to the hyaluronic filler therapy.

Bulges and puffiness

Puffiness and bulges are conditions caused by collagen depletion, an effect of the aging process. The fat protection around the eye slips producing a bulge perceived as eyes orbit bulge or bag. Although there are many therapies you can use to address the condition, the best is surgery or blepharoplasty. Unfortunately, the procedure is expensive, as, in 2019, the cost according to ASP (American Society of Plastic Surgeons) is $3,300.

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