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10 Common Skincare Mistakes

This article, just like most of the articles online or in magazines will still tell you the same thing. People don’t follow basic skincare tips and that is the problem, it is not about the product that you are using.

Expensive cosmetics will not help you as far as you keep making these common skincare mistakes, just read through and see what you might be doing wrong.

  1. You Change Your Skincare Products Too Much

People fail to understand that new cosmetics products come out every day and changing your normal skincare routine is not worth it.

Your skin might already be used to the skincare products you have at home, but because the magazines and cosmetics shops keep talking about a cool new product, you rush and buy it. Sometimes, you could get an allergic reaction from this new product.

  • You Use Facial Scrub Too Often

The skin replenishes naturally without any additional help, although scrubs help to speed up the process. Scrubs are used to peel and cleanse the skin.

Scrubs are good but they are not the best way to do this thing, you can work with chemical peelings to do the job without stress.

  • You Forget To Use Makeup Removers

While you go out with your make-up in the morning and go about your daily life, you get stressed out and then you get home in the evening. Some people think that water can take out makeup, yes but partially. It can’t wash off all the makeup, use makeup removers so you can avoid getting clogged pores.

  • Change Your Pillow Cases As Often As Possible

This is basic hygiene, even if your face is as clean as a dove, when you go to sleep on a dirty pillowcase, it could give you acne fast. Your pillowcase should stay not more than two to three days and will material is mostly better for your skin.

  • You Lack Toner

Toners have the ability to restore the PH balance of the skin and prepare your skin for other skincare procedures. Moisturizers work better when toners are used under. With toners, you can avoid problems like dryness, orientation, and the rest.

  • Powder Doesn’t Remove Oily Skin, Stop Using It

It’s normal to get an oily face, especially during the summer, oily skin is common during this period. Some people think powder can help reduce the oil on your face at that point but all the powder does there is clog your pores, a matting wipe is way better and safer.

  • You Work On Your Brows Before Using Makeup

Sometimes when you find extra hair at the upper lip of your brow, you feel it is best to take it out but you are wrong because it will leave a noticeable scar there.

  • Don’t Wash Your Face Before Bathing, Do That After

We are not telling you not to wash your face when you want, but the products you use on your hair when washed down to the skin might be harmful and cause irritations.

  • You Sleep Without Using Skincare Products

Most times, after wearing makeup the whole day, you get tired to wear another skincare product as you sleep, a skincare tip for you is to use a serum, mask, or night cream to neutralize the effect you get from not washing off makeup correctly.

You Forget To Use SPF Products On Cloudy Days

The most skincare mistake people make is thinking that the sun wouldn’t shine on cloudy days, but it will shine just as it does normally to your surprise. Use SPF daily to avoid surprises.

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