The importance of the night cream

The evening beauty routine represents a sometimes tiring gesture to repeat. But indulging in it is essential. The night cream takes care of us while we sleep. How? Let’s find out together!

A cuddle, a moment dedicated to us and to the skin of our face that deserves to be cleansed, toned and revitalised in the evening. Remedy to enhance beauty and cellular regeneration during sleep, the night cream represents a powerful regenerating elixir against the aggression of daytime atmospheric agents such as sun, stress, wind, lights, pollution, and smoke. It enhances the effects of skin repair during sleep by acting in synchrony with the circadian rhythm, or physiological rhythm, over 24 hours.

What happens to our skin while we sleep?

If during the day our skin defends itself from atmospheric conditions and stress, from the professional and personal pressure syndrome, called “ city syndrome ”, in the evening comes the time for rest and repair.

The skin, through a natural cellular process, exploits the night hours to get rid of the free radicals accumulated during the day and does so in particular from 11 pm to 4 am, the famous ” golden hour “. But chronic stress and poor and irregular sleep, increasingly frequent, have deleterious effects on youth and skin health. The complexion and the gaze are extinguished, the features are marked, and the wrinkles are accentuated.

Why use a night cream?

Cosmetology develops increasingly specific products to accelerate and enhance the natural processes of cell regeneration that occur during the hours of rest and does so through night creams. Their function is multiple: restructuring, detox, volumizing, antioxidant, nourishing, exfoliating, redensifying, soothing, plumping and rejuvenating.

A good night cream, if used regularly, visibly reduces the signs of ageing, giving it elasticity and brightness. Furthermore, it optimises the action of day creams, which are essential in protecting from atmospheric agents and UV rays, in anti-ageing action and preventing dehydration, the primary cause of wrinkle formation.

What are the textures and active ingredients present in night creams?

Night creams can have different concentrations and combinations of active ingredients based on their specific function and the desired result. Generally, these are rich, enveloping, intense textures. The texture of a night cream is more melting and buttery than that of a day cream, its formula gives comfort and sweetness.

 Among the most effective nighttime cosmetic products, in addition to creams, we also find serums, emulsions, and Baume based on: hyaluronic acid, collagen, retinol, Q10, argan oil, rosehip, Goji berries, vitamin E, ceramides, vitamin C, essential oils, seaweed, fruit acids, shea butter.

What will our skin be like when we wake up?

With the regular use of night cream and related boosters, without ever neglecting deep cleansing, both daily and periodic, together with a good quality of sleep, we will get amazing results! Upon awakening our face will be rested and remodelled, and our skin will be silky, uniform, revitalised, and oxygenated.

Who should use the night cream?

The night cream is for everyone, for young and old skin, for women and men. It is a real gift that will make us spend hours of rest in ideal comfort. The skin of the face thanks for the gift.

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