Skincare essentials that cannot be missing in your toiletry bag.

July and August are, par excellence, the vacation months for the vast majority, so if you are still not enjoying that well-deserved rest after a particularly hard year due to the restrictions imposed by Covid, you will be about to. It is the season for suitcases and luggage but, in addition to clothes – mainly bikinis and summer dresses for all kinds of occasions – and accessories, we must pay special attention to our toiletry bags.

And it is that in addition to hygiene products – such as toothpaste, shampoo or deodorant – we must include face and body moisturiser, sun protection, hair protector, lip balm, makeup … So many products to take into account that, sometimes, we forget some essentials that should accompany you on vacation.

Sun protection is crucial in any location, including in the mountains or the city, during these months because UV rays are more potent and we are typically more exposed to them. We also need to drink more water because the sun, heat, and air conditioning all lead to dehydration. In contrast, it is usual for us to unwind a little while on vacation, therefore it is essential to pick multipurpose products with appealing textures that are light and easily absorbed. This will make it easier for us to use them.

The whole body must be protected from the effects of the sun.

From the hand of the expert, we discover what cosmetics and facial, body and hair care products cannot be missing in your vacation bag.

1. Sun protection for the face, body, hair or lips. You need to protect your entire body, especially your lips. For this reason, I always put lip balm with an SPF and capillary sunscreen on my hair. To prevent oiliness and shine, I advise applying face photoprotection that is appropriate for your skin type. On the body, it is best to choose a sunscreen that offers more protection, but to reapply, we can pick the more convenient sprays.

2. Face cleanser. It is important to properly cleanse the skin at all times and also in summer. After a day at the beach/pool, it is essential to cleanse, before moisturising and soothing. Ideally, we carry two to ensure that the skin is completely clean: a cleanser with an oily texture that ensures the removal of makeup or sunscreen and a water-based cleanser.

3. Moisturisers. Hydration in summer is essential. Creams with hyaluronic acid, ceramides, and lipids that support the skin barrier are advised for use on the face. After a day at the beach or pool, use body moisturising creams or aftersun to restore your skin. To prepare the skin before and after tanning and extend the tone, we would also want to include a tan extender, which can be used year-round starting in the spring.

4. Antioxidants. It is crucial to use an excellent antioxidant on the face every morning as the first step after cleansing because the supply of natural antioxidants is reduced earlier in the summer. Our skin will be effectively protected from sun damage if we start each day with antioxidants and facial sun protection.

5. Repair creams. The heat and the sun trigger skin irritations in areas such as the thighs, armpits, and feet. So in my bag, I also include some soothing and restorative cream, Cica type, to deal with redness, irritation, chafing, and bites.

6. Cosmetics for the eye area. To prevent the eye contour from showing more wrinkles after the summer, it is advisable to carry a specific product to hydrate this area. It must be used morning and night.

7. Hair oil. In addition to protecting hair from the sun with hair protectors, caps, and scarves… it is important to hydrate it a lot with shampoos, masks and hair oils. You can use it at night so that it acts while you sleep or 15 minutes before washing. In addition, leave-in conditioners are very practical to be able to comb your hair after bathing on the beach/pool without suffering.

8. Hot springs and mists. And it is also recommended to use the thermal waters and mists that rehydrate, calm, relieve irritations, rashes, regenerate* and are pleasant to refresh the skin at any time.

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