The Best Ingredients for Fighting Wrinkles While You Sleep 

As you age, your skin is probably the most vulnerable to show the side effects. Fine lines, wrinkles, aging spots, and many other signs are what make you worried and concerned. As part of busy life, you may have no time to take care of your skin all day long from these signs. So, you may want some ingredients whether natural or synthetic, to look after your skin on your behalf. So here is the list of these best ingredients that fight wrinkles and fine lines while you are asleep.


The skin barrier is your skin’s outermost layer that keeps hydration and irritants away from your skin. Its role in anti-aging is tremendous as it keeps skin hydrated and results in a younger look. Ceramides are also good for eczema and since ceramides have no side effects, they can be the ideal choice for any skin type. 

Hyaluronic acid 

The hyaluronic acid draws water from the environment and then traps it in the skin to make it hydrating and moisturized. It helps in filling in the wrinkles and fine lines and makes your skin smooth and soft-looking. But one thing to keep in mind is that it works best in a moisturized environment.


Among proteins, collagen is the most important protein for the skin. The problem is that as we age, our natural collagen production decreases. Not only age factor but also another external factor sun exposure diminish the collagen production that results in wrinkles and fine lines. Use our Neutriherbs Collagen Anti Aging Cream with Hyaluronic Acid that consists of both Peptides and Retinol that helps in collagen production. It will help you to achieve ideal skin. It is also infused with the goodness of Vitamin E and Niacinamide that will assist you to get a forward-looking complexion. 


Retinol has considered being the queen of all the anti-aging ingredients. They are one of the best and proven for fighting against many skin issues such as dullness, aging, loose skin, and mature skin at the surface. It renews the cellular level at your skin. Furthermore, retinol help in collagen production which results in improved elasticity. So the one treatment that you want for your skin is right beside you.

Vitamin C

This vitamin has long been applauded as a nutrition superhero but its benefits on the skin are what make it a perfect choice. Vitamin C stimulates the production of collagen, a substance responsible for the elasticity of the skin. Likewise, it prevents skin damages caused by free radicals and UV rays. Use vitamin C for maximum benefits.


Vitamin B3 and nicotinamide are the terms that are used for niacinamide. Niacinamide, not only is used to protect your skin from damages caused by stressors but also repairs the damages that have already been caused. Preventing hydration locks the moisture in your skin making it look smoother and refined. It tightens the pores of your skin, improves the skin texture, and diminishes wrinkles and fine lines.

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