Benefits of using Lotion

Benefits of Using Lotion

Often neglected in a routine, the face lotion is nevertheless a product that brings many benefits to the skin. It is a full-fledged treatment that differs from micellar water, the function of which is to remove make-up from the skin. It is therefore not intended to clean the skin but rather to prepare it as well as possible after treatment. However, it can remove the last limestone residues, but it must be chosen for its assets. Choose it according to your needs: it can help you in the case of a lack of hydration, an excess of sebum and localised imperfections or a lack of radiance and uniformity of the complexion.

Combined with a serum, it can act on a specific problem more intensively. You can use it in the morning, before applying your serum and your day cream, to eliminate the excess sebum produced during the night and purify the skin for example. But it is also applied in the evening, after your double cleansing, to prepare the skin for the application of your other treatments.

What is face lotion?

Formulated with super-active ingredients, the face lotion gently removes the last impurities from the skin while treating the surface of the epidermis. Very often, it makes it possible to act on the quality of the skin texture by making it clearer. It comes in the form of a fairly light water texture, sometimes it can be denser (in the case of essences for example) but it will always be lighter than a serum.

For its most effective use, apply your face lotion to dry, cleansed skin by patting it on your face. We advise you to apply it directly with your hands or with a reusable cotton pad to avoid sensitising the skin.

Which face lotion to choose for your skin?

We help you choose the lotion that acts effectively to best respond to your skin problem.

If you have a  dull complexion,  lacking radiance, we recommend using collagen lotion. Enriched with AHA (fruit acids) and Niacinamide, it acts effectively on cell renewal and the unification of the complexion of your skin. AHAs have exfoliating properties that gently smooth the skin texture. Niacinamide, better known as vitamin B3, improves skin texture, tightens large pores, works on redness, and reduces dark spots.

If you want more clean and glowing skin we recommend using vitamin c lotion. Enriched with vitamin B3 and zinc, astringent and anti-inflammatory active ingredients, this lotion purifies the skin without drying it. It also helps regulate sebum production to regain mattified skin. AHAs, also present in our purifying lotion, stimulate cell regeneration to rid the skin of all its impurities.

How do I apply my face lotion?

Collagen lotion :

If you want to have young looking supple skin then you can apply this lotion in the morning before your sunscreen for a boost of radiance and a clearer skin texture. For even more luminous skin, we advise you to also spread it efficiently with a roller.

Vitamin C lotion :

If you prefer to get a rich vitamin C we prefer applying it With clean hands, apply it in the morning and evening to cleanse the skin. Emphasise the T zone and shine areas. Do not let it dry and apply your serum directly. To obtain an optimal result, we advise you to use in addition the Vitamin C face serum.

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